Monday, 30 June 2008

the digital desaster (?)

PM is writing about the cultural heritage we are obviously loosing. - well, I wouldn't say this. Okay, many data is lost, but are we loosing the cultural heritage?
Several people think so, thats why an archive is built up in the Internet.

But I would see it with the eyes of Umlauf, who was recently saying that this is a time, where more is published than ever, more books are read than ever ...

We will see...

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The possibilities of Library 2.0

Building Academic Library 2.0 - Association of Christian Librarians

From: librarianmer, 1 week ago

Preconference for Association of Christian Librarians Conference, June 9, 2008.

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Is your library in facebook?

I am really surprised how easily you can set up a business or non-profit site in facebook!

You only have to go to and choose the category.
Then you upload the logo, put in additional information about your institution and its nearly done!
After that your insttiution is part of the social network facebook: your institution is where the users are! That could be very surprising for your customers. ;) But the best of that: Your customers are able to add your facebook page to their favourite sites by "Become a Fan".

Thursday, 5 June 2008

If it's not in the Internet it does not exist

"If it's not in the Internet it does not exist": that's the most common notion among Net savvies -and even among library users.

Unfortunately, libraries do not make any "noise" online: Users don't feel the library! Users don't perceive the value libraries add to information. That's no wonder: the OPAC sucks, the information architecture is complicated...

  • 1. Librarians have to start to set the information into a context: via combining more metadata, via relating recources, via visualizing the subject terms etc.

  • 2. Catalogs have to be opened up to other systems

  • 3. Libraries have to go where the users are

  • 4. Libraries can only serve the users if they really KNOW the specific needs of the users - so the librarians have not to talk TO them but WITH them

  • 5. Libraries have to allow users to participate ... in order to design the library's future together

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