Tuesday, 9 December 2008

art as an important learning factor

How to reach sustainability regarding taught things? How do we as librarians manage that the stuff we showed and the things we taught are used in future?
We know from neuroscience that we keep things in mind that touched us in a sense. Art is an important factor to reach this.

Thomas Glatt underlines that art is neutral. Hence it allows stresses and disturbings which create emotions. - It`s not only about a surprise effect but it`s about a change in perspectives. To reach that people get to know a new perspective it is necessary to create a disruption. With this method we are able to tap the full potential regarding learning.

We have to ask ourselves if teaching is too less playful. In Glatt`s opinion there are good ideas to combine learning and art but it has to be further tested. In eLearning, for instance, visualization and sound is used but the chances are not exhausted until now.

One reason for less linkages between art and learning can be that art is not be seen as target-oriented. And if one takes part in a further training there should be a success in the end: this one should reach another level regarding his/ her skills. Another problem is that art is used by many organizations in a commercial way.
An efficient method to get new ideas can be a so-called flow-performance. This method is used at the conference LEARNTEC

(a comprised and translated (German to English) interview with Thomas Glatt, an eLearning-expert)

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